up the rail
seebi doin’ a steez feeble.
Seebi doing a rad ollie over a trashcan.
Fs Flip on Flickr.
Sebastian Sommer
Sebastian Sommer | Powerslide

instagram: @sebastian__sommer
yo. we’re not dead.just not that alive haha. this is a photo of seebi doing an ollie from one bench to another.taken in coburg.was nice to shoot him again after a long time.we’re trying to put some stuff up in the next time hopefully..x udo.goatzcrew lolz.
DSC06072 on Flickr.finally got to shoot seebi again. haha
i took his camera it’s a: Sony NEX-5N
seebi | pushing.
seebi | nosebonk on washing mashine.


…so it happened that we found an old house.
we cleaned it as good as possible and i guess we are going to skate there like on every rainy day haha.